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"When I started working with Kathy, I felt very worn down, sluggish, and tired.  I felt I had aged 10 years over the course of 2 years in a new job and needed to do something to feel better and course correct any negative health implications.


She provided a holistic approach that included education and overall well-being practices that have not only helped me lose 13 pounds, but also to manage stress more effectively. This has ultimately led to me feeling better overall with more energy and positivity both at work and at home. 


Kathy’s support goes beyond your scheduled coaching sessions.  She will stay connected with you in between sessions, which is crucial as you embark on a journey of learning a new lifestyle. She not only answered every question with regard to food, nutrition, supplements, etc., she also sent notes of encouragement and an occasional “get going” accountability message!  My experience was fantastic because, not only is Kathy passionate about your health and wellness goals, but she is also passionate about you as a person.  You will have a friend for life!"  


Michelle Patterson, General Manager - Distribution  Westfield, Massachusetts

"I recently had the good fortune to work with Kathy for holistic health and nutrition. We set up a personal tailored program to achieve my goals of lowering my cholesterol numbers without medications. I quickly learned that Kathy is extremely knowledgeable, possesses great research skills, and has the ability to provide organized documentation of the info needed to obtain my goals.  Kathy takes interest in her clients and provides encouragement and support.  Her positive attitude is contagious and she is a wonderful person to be around.

In just three months we lowered my total cholesterol numbers by 53 points, and were able to improve numbers in each category to better the scores that were recorded when using Statin drugs.

I have lost ten pounds and more than an inch off my waist. I’m enjoying more energy, sleeping well, and eating an array of healthy foods.
I’m grateful for her service and recommend Kathy Dickson and Vital Body Wellness whole-heartedly."

Jim B.    National Park, NJ

"I started seeing Kathy in October 2016, only a few months after receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis after surgery. I have always lived a more holistic and natural lifestyle but after receiving this diagnosis I was at complete loss. The doctor automatically wanted to put me on hormone suppressing medication. He was not interested in talking about diet, exercise or supplements.

Thankfully I had met Kathy at a local chamber meeting. She had always stuck out in my mind for how friendly and welcoming she had been at these events. I always looked forward to seeing her.

After my diagnosis I decided to reach out to her for a complimentary consultation. After our initial consultation I was confident that Kathy knew exactly where I was coming from! At the time I was living by a vegan lifestyle and she was more than happy to accommodate her suggestions.

Kathy taught me so much about my body and the way hormones and everything else is regulated and related. She helped me get on a steady stream of supplements as well as supplying me with reading, meditation and some personal research. I now take a number of supplements that are all specifically targeted for my condition.

I'm about six months out from our last session and I can confidently say that Kathy made a huge impact on my quality of life. I sincerely don't think I would be at this level had I not seen her. She does a ton of research to make sure that all of her suggestions are for your specific needs and everything is tailored directly to what you are working on. I cannot sing higher praises for her. I am eternally grateful that she was able to give me such an amazing guidance and support that I wouldn't have gotten from a doctor."

Thank you Kathy!
Alana Talarico - Owner of Studio 240 Hair Salon, Woodbury, NJ

"Kathy is the perfect person to help you get on track with your health and wellness. She has information that will provide you with a lot of "a-ha" moments that will be life-changing. I highly recommend her company and I am so grateful that I found her!"

Stacy M. - Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"I've learned the importance of fresh, healthy & nutritious cooking and eating, daily exercise and the importance of good sleep habits, and what a happy, joyful and positive attitude does for my mental and physical body."

"I really enjoyed learning about cooking with new Healthy ingredients (superfoods, grains, greens, etc.), the health benefits and the many recipes (Kathy) shared.  I always looked forward to our sessions. Kathy is personable, caring and professional."

"Before working with Kathy, I was in a very dark place.  I was sad, anxious, angry and had no energy.  I was just going through the motions, telling myself that I was fine - just trying to meet life's demands...I'm out of that dark place now.  I'm feeling happy, healthier and have a lot more energy.  I'm so happy and proud of myself for making this commitment!"

Cheryl Crescitelli, Retired Owner Operator of a Beauty Salon, full time Personal Care Attendant to my Special Needs daughter
Franklin Twp., NJ

"I am eating healthier.  I (now) have richer personal relationships and my mental health has improved.  (Before working with Kathy) I was eating lots of processed foods & refined sugars.  I was unaware of my negative thought patterns."

"Kathy was always so kind and understanding.  I felt like I could discuss anything with her and her advice came from a helpful and non-judgemental place."

Natalie, Veterinarian

"I am able to have a clear mind and have forgiveness for myself.  I am (now) able to love myself for who I am and Kathy helped me believe that I can!
"I learned something new and exciting every time we met.  So interesting. I believe the empathy (Kathy) had for me is so important when working with someone."
"(I learned) to live in the moment - to be mindful.  To have balance in your life - Body, Mind and Spirit.  For me, it was more like Mind, Spirit, Body!"

Tina Young, Alternative School Bus Driver
Newfield, NJ

"Before working with Kathy, I abused food two to three times per week.  I could not break the cycle of binge eating that had lasted for 6 months.  Now, I have more self-awareness of what my body needs physically and emotionally.  (Now) I actually  don't beat myself up if I do slip up.  I'm only human and I can get back on track.  (I learned) it's important to love yourself - allowing yourself to look deep into your soul to believe that you are worthy to happy."

"I enjoyed Kathy's positive energy and the connection we had from our first meeting."

Loretta Osborne, Educator
Alloway, NJ

"I've recently completed a 6-month Health and Wellness Coaching program Kathy Dickson, of Vital Body Wellness and I wanted to share the results of my experience, because I feel EVERYONE will benefit from her services - it's just too good not to share! I expected to learn about healthful eating, it's affects on the body, recipes, tips, and things related to that. What I did NOT expect, was the emotional transformation that occurred when I started implementing them. Aside from changes in my energy levels and body, I experienced mental clarity, positive mood changes, and an overall feeling of well-being from the inside out.  True vitality.

I don't feel like I would have had the same experience with another coach. Even with the same recipes, tips, and facts, Kathy's personality and personalized, genuine approach made all the difference. She took the time to learn about me, my goals, and my passions (most of which she figured out before I even stated them), and tailored my program just for me. Each session was a mix of learning, coaching, 'spiritual therapy' and an overall good-time. I will forever be grateful for this experience, as it is something that has positively impacted my life forever, and fortunately, before I had any major health and wellness issues to manage. I'm so glad I made this investment in myself - and you all should too.

We truly are what we eat ... so don't be fast, easy, cheap, or fake. Contact Kathy, make an appointment for a consultation, and change your life. You're worth it."  

Nancy Daiutolo, Owner of Organic Soak
Gibbstown, NJ


“I have such a better understanding of the food I put in my body…I feel more in control of my diet and making healthier choices…now I realize how much the choices I make, affect how I feel.  I always ate the same foods because they were safe and easy, but now I’m willing to branch out and try new foods because I know more about them and how to prepare them.

I enjoyed working with Kathy because she always put me at ease…she would pick me up with her supportive, compassionate nature, yet she would also push me to do things outside my comfort zone while encouraging me along the way. 

I’ve definitely made lifelong changes my husband and I will continue to benefit from. Thanks so much!”   

Dr. Stephanie Ale
Pilesgrove, NJ

“I went from barely sleeping because I was so anxious, to sleeping well and feeling energized.  Between habit, thought and diet changes, I’ve gained more energy…I am less anxious, more positive… and a have sense of peace…

The unconditional support from Kathy makes her great to work with.  To receive an email [from her] after a tough week reminding you that you are strong and to make good choices is powerful.  You know she is in your corner.”

Sarah Kearney, Physical Therapist
Wenonah, NJ

“My whole family is now eating home cooked, healthier meals.  I am cooking 4 to 6 meals a week using fresh, whole ingredients…and as a result, I feel energetic and clear-headed. 

Prior to the program, I was eating a lot of frozen foods and processed quick meals.  Six months ago, I would not even enter the produce section of the store…[now] it is my first stop!  I rarely cook or eat pre-packaged/ frozen meals anymore.

Our meetings were so great!  It was something I always looked forward to.  Having the scheduled guidance and support, really helped to keep things improving.  [Her] encouragement and genuine enthusiasm for my accomplishments was crucial and priceless!”

Katie Caldwell
Pilesgrove, NJ

“[I have] more energy throughout the day, in a better mood, more physically fit to enjoy doing more on the weekends and [I’m] more approachable to people.

Before the program, [I was] always tired and run down and generally not a very happy person.  I was on auto-pilot and now I live my life with purpose and intention.  I feel like I’ve been asleep all these years.  I’m excited for what the future holds and all the possibilities.  “Conscious living”, what a great concept!”

Kimberly Duffield, Controller
Vineland, NJ

“The results I am experiencing since working with Kathy is a more relaxed, healthy and less anxious approach to everyday life and [I’m] enjoying the newfound happiness in my retired life. 

[I was] concerned about weight and poor eating habits and how the bad habits would affect my future health and wellness.  [Now] I have achieved so many personal goals towards living a healthier lifestyle through connecting with mind, body and spirit.

[Kathy’s] dedication, passion and commitment [was key] in helping me realize the benefits of committing to a healthier lifestyle, [as well as] obtaining the skills to reach new goals.”

Linda Henderson
Pittsgrove, NJ
“Since working with Kathy, I am definitely taking better care of myself and actually enjoying the process of better nutrition and exercise.

What I enjoyed most about working with Kathy was the feeling of being nurtured and cared for by a loving person.

My concerns were that I would age [in an] unhealthful way, [but now] I will always be aware of balanced nutrition and exercise as a way of life.” 

Nina Carducci, Master Hair Colorist
Philadelphia, PA
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